Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Hat I Made And Some Lego

I got hooked up with a group of ladies who have what they call "Veruca Night" about once a month where they all get together, bring food, do crafts, and gossip. My friend Angie is the one who got me into it, and the times that I have been able to go it's been at her house.

It's always a great time!

The first time I went with another friend of mine, Leigh, and Angie pulled out her hat knitting loom and started showing Leigh how simple it was to use. She also showed us a bunch of the hats she had made. I was FASCINATED with this very colorful hat she had made on the loom using a Red Heart Yarn. I had never seen it at Michael's but she mentioned she'd seen it at Joanne's quite a bit and she ended up picking up a skein of it for me.
Leigh borrowed the loom that night and loved it so much that she went and bought her own set after she finished the hat! Then I was even more intrigued. Last time I went to Veruca Night, Angie showed me how to use the hat loom, and I knitted myself a rolled brim hat with that fun, colorful yarn. Pictures follow of what I ended up with!
Sorry ladies, this one isn't for sale! I do have a couple new things up on Etsy though.
And, Dan bought us two new modular Lego buildings, they are the two in the middle.
The one on the very right is a hotel he built many years ago. It was one of the first things I noticed that he had in his room (before we moved in together) - I thought it was so neat! The one on the left is one he bought last year which is a 3 story shop. The two new ones are in the middle. I did the building to the right of the Grand Emporium, it is sort of like a duplex I guess. The left part of the 3 story building is a townhouse (very detailed - furniture inside, vegetable garden on the roof, just some of the few details) and to the right is the pet shop. To the right of that building is the firehouse which Dan built. The door is super cool - I had never seen a Lego piece like that previously. It actually rolled up. There is a back entrance to the firehouse so the truck can get in that way as well. I am just so amazed at how much detail Lego puts into their models. Yes, they are expensive, but it's absolutely worth it. This was my first time building a modular building and I'd definitely like to build more.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Eyeshadow Exchange!

I have recently discovered a website called and I've fallen in love. I am currently running my first swap - an eyeshadow exchange! Anyone is welcome to participate, although you do have to join swap-bot to do so. Please join my swap - it will be a lot of fun. Visit the swap page at

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Apologies For the Lack Of Updates

Seems I have been focused more on makeup blog lately than posting things here. I have made the decision however to switch my makeup blog to an AVON blog! So any makeup pictures I want to share that don't involve AVON makeup, I will be posting here. And check out the new version of my blog, because I do lots of different specials and things like that.

Coming soon, I'll be posting pictures of the two Lego modular sets my boyfriend and I just finished. They were a lot of fun, and my first modular. Can't wait to show them off! I've just been having problems uploading pictures to Blogger lately for whatever reason.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Neat Things + Valentines Day

One of the girls that lives in our complex came in yesterday and was wearing this necklace. I thought the charm was so cute, I made her let me take a picture of it! I am going to attempt to duplicate it with fimo and make either a bracelet or earrings with the charms. We shall see how it turns out. There are ten million craft projects I want to work on!

I KID YOU NOT I found this Kate Spade bag at Goodwill over the weekend. It was $8. I almost peed my pants. The girl at the register and I were inspecting the lining and all. I am convinced it is real. Even if it's not, it's beautiful!

And the BEST Valentine's present of all time!

I got a craft corner! Boyfriend created a craft area for me in his computer room, previously know as the "man-cave." This is such an incredibly special gift. I would have been crafting a lot more, but with 4 cats I would always have to put away the project I was working on because I couldn't leave it out.

No more worrying about having to finish a project or not start at all because I know I can't finish in a short amount of hours. We can close the door to this room.

Crafting galore, I can't wait!

Thank you so much baby!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Card I Made For Swap

I belong to a website called (very cool, check it out if you like to trade stuff) and did a card swap where we created a unique Valentine's card and then sent it off to our swap partner. I thought mine turned out cute!