Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Neat Things + Valentines Day

One of the girls that lives in our complex came in yesterday and was wearing this necklace. I thought the charm was so cute, I made her let me take a picture of it! I am going to attempt to duplicate it with fimo and make either a bracelet or earrings with the charms. We shall see how it turns out. There are ten million craft projects I want to work on!

I KID YOU NOT I found this Kate Spade bag at Goodwill over the weekend. It was $8. I almost peed my pants. The girl at the register and I were inspecting the lining and all. I am convinced it is real. Even if it's not, it's beautiful!

And the BEST Valentine's present of all time!

I got a craft corner! Boyfriend created a craft area for me in his computer room, previously know as the "man-cave." This is such an incredibly special gift. I would have been crafting a lot more, but with 4 cats I would always have to put away the project I was working on because I couldn't leave it out.

No more worrying about having to finish a project or not start at all because I know I can't finish in a short amount of hours. We can close the door to this room.

Crafting galore, I can't wait!

Thank you so much baby!

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  1. I LOVE your little craft corner!!! It's so neat & clean! I can't tell you the last time my craft corner was clean & As a matter of fact, I forgot what color my desk is....tee~hee!